Speech on Importance of Newspaper – 2 Speeches

Importance of Newspaper – Speech 1

Wishing everyone present here a very good morning. Today I will speak on a topic, which is quite common and which we see every day at our house and other places. I will be speaking on the importance of newspapers in our life.

Every morning when we get up, we see someone or the other in the family with the newspaper and a steaming cup of coffee or tea. Infact in many families, there is a silent competition as who can grab the morning newspaper first. Newspapers are integral parts of lives of people. They eagerly wait for the morning newspaper to arrive. While some just browse through the main headlines, others will read through the whole newspaper thoroughly. The interest areas of the people in the newspapers also vary from one another. Some people are more interested in political news; some in Page 3 news, some in sports, while some just read the editorial section in the newspaper.

It is evident from the name that ‘newspaper’ offers news to people. It helps people in knowing about the various events that take place in the society, city, country and world at large. Day to day happenings are brought to the notice of common people via newspaper. It is also an excellent medium to share information and data and make vital announcements.

Along with national dailies, there are different kinds of local and regional newspapers too, which are widely circulated. Newspapers are printed in different languages depending on the area where they will be circulated. Along with news elements, newspapers also contain special editions where various kinds of stories and write-ups are published on various subjects. Thus, it can be said that newspapers offer entertainment as well.

With the advent of electronic media, the craze of the newspapers is decreasing a little. Most of the people now gather news and information on their smartphone on the go. Still holding a newspaper in hand for news has a special feeling and will always remain so!

By Maanasi

Importance of Newspaper in Our Daily Life – Speech 2

Good morning to all the respectable and honorable guests present here. I would like to say a few words on the topic “importance of newspaper in our daily life”.

There are many things in our daily lives, which are indispensable parts, but which we hardly pay attention to. One of the best examples in this regard is that of newspapers. Though electronic media has become extremely popular and most people read newspapers online; most homes still have one newspaper subscription. This is because reading the newspaper is kind of a habit to which most of us are accustomed. While some people need to read the newspaper in the morning, at least the headlines; others prefer to read the same after finishing work. Reading the newspaper to them is not only gathering information, but a kind of relaxation as well.

The importance of newspaper in our daily life cannot be undermined by any means. Newspaper brings in the latest news of happenings and events happening everywhere. A newspaper should bring only the news to the reader without trying to influence his thinking and opinion. Current news on political affairs, sports, economy, social issues, entertainment, cultural topics etc. covered in newspapers. Along with knowing of events and happenings in our own society, city and country, newspapers also provide with international news. This helps in keeping us updated on all kinds of global issues.

Along with furnishing information on national and international events and happenings, various kinds of important announcements are also made via the newspaper. It is also a great marketing platform for different kinds of products. Businesses advertise their products on newspaper so that it can reach out to large numbers of people.

The editorial section in the newspaper is a major attraction for many people as it is this area where people voice their opinions regarding various issues and there are intriguing discussions that follow. Newspapers are storehouse of knowledge and information. Make the most of them in best way possible!

By Maanasi