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Tourism – Essay 1


Tourism refers to traveling for the purpose of pleasure or business. It also refers to the business of attracting prospective tourists, accommodating them and entertaining them. On the part of the tourist, it may involve international travel or may be within the tourist’s country. International and domestic tourism are major sources of revenue for many countries the world over.

Tourism is also known to actually affect the economy of both the source and the host countries, in some cases turning out to be vital to a country’s development.  Needless to say, this is one of the most important and profitable sectors a government or even a private company can invest in. We will like to consider some of the benefits of tourism, and some of the challenges as well

Benefits of tourism

The benefits from tourism cannot be overemphasized. The effects of this sector are so far-reaching that it literally touches the lives of every citizen of a country. Some of the ways tourism affects a nation positively include:

  • Education: The income generated from tourism for a country is put to use in many ways, one of which is in the Education system. Sales taxes that are paid by tourists help to fund the operating expenses of public education in many countries.
  • Infrastructure: The funds from tourism helps to support many infrastructural projects that in themselves become tourist attractions as well. Take carnival rides and city parks for instance. These generate income and this can be put into use for any projects the government is engaged in.
  • Employment: Tourism helps this sector of an economy as it provides 9.9 of the global employment available today. This can have untold positive effects on an economy as it helps able workers generate income for themselves while preventing many other problems.
  • Diversification: Usually, tourism prods even the most stubborn governments to venture out into new forms of generating revenue for the nation, tourism itself being one of them. This allows for variety and prevents a nation from becoming overly dependent on one source of revenue.
  • Real estate: Millions of people visit different locations each year, and tourists who do so may eventually decide to invest in properties in these foreign locations. This also helps to boost the economy of the host nation.
  • International Relations: It is an obvious fact that improving tourism between nations improves the relationship between the host and the source countries.

It is also important to note that tourism most times can prove to be a great call when it comes to historical references. Most tourist sites would have one or two things relating to history. It is often a good time for people to come together, both local residents and foreigner to learn more about the history and the culture of the area which they reside.

Challenges facing tourism

Even as there are many benefits that vouch for more investments in the sector of tourism, certain challenges are peculiar to this sector:

  • Economic stability. The economy of the source nation will determine how many people have enough monetarily to engage in such visits. A poor economy will mean fewer people who are able to travel.
  • Political crisis can greatly affect the relationship between host and source countries.
  • Travel restrictions: In the wake of terror attacks, concerned government officials may issue warnings or restrict travel completely to such locations.


Tourism can prove to be not only a pleasant experience for individual travellers but also a major boost for local economies. The Tourism industry is quite labour intensive, and as such many medium and small-scale businesses benefit from it the increased exposure they gain as a result. As a result, a boost in tourism locally will be felt by the economy of the nation instantly. These benefits do not come easily, however, and each Government must ensure that it does all it can to ensure its country more benefits from this major source of income and development.

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Tourism – Essay 2

Tourism is a broad term which is inclusive of various ancillary services. Just as it is important for any individual, it is equally important for any country and its economy too.

Traveling and tourism not only helps the people in exploring new places but also provides with an opportunity to learn about different places, their culture, history, etc. There are many people too who travel to de-stress themselves from the hectic work timings.

Not only do the common men travel, but the businessmen also travel for increasing their brand by interacting in meetings, events, etc. Hence, traveling or say tourism is quite a broad idea that adds numerous benefits.

But is this the only reason you need to travel? Here are some more explanations that would help you with maximum advantages of tourism.

Employment opportunities

One of the most effortless favorable circumstances to recognize is the occupations tourism brings. This extent from specifically impacted positions like visit guides, in staff, mentor administrations, and eateries. What’s awesome about every one of these organizations is that they pay wages to their staff, as well as source merchandise and items locally, giving a lift to nearby industry.

Increase in the amount spent on localities

This concept comes with twofold. You have the cash that is spent specifically by sightseers in the economy of the country. Not simply on tourism, but rather there is an immense scope of essential human prerequisites that should be bought, similar to nourishment, apparel, hairdressing, medicinal administrations, and transportation needs that all should be filled, alongside trinkets and diversions. In its own specific manner, tourism bolsters worldwide exchange, which you can take in more about in this course on the new economy.

Development in different forms

Along with conveying success to an economy, it likewise enables an economy to build up another type of pay. This goes about as a protection approach if there should be an occurrence of harsh occasions, in light of the fact that the extra dollars coming in can help bolster conventional ventures on the off chance that they go under monetary weight. This is particularly critical for networks that depend on a solitary industry, or where there is a grouping of an industry that is earth harming, for example, mining or assembling. It’s likewise imperative for rustic networks, where there is a huge hazard in view of the cultivating conditions and worldwide product costs. Tourism enables a network to enhance their wellsprings of wage, and depend less on a solitary industry.

Infrastructural development

The extra income that comes into a network additionally benefits the neighborhood chamber or governments. It implies more duty dollars, which enables open activities to be propelled or created. This implies the framework enhances, with new streets being manufactured, parks created and open spaces made strides. The better offices get more guests, yet is a fabulous advantage to neighborhood occupants, particularly when there is sufficient income to construct new air terminals, schools, and healing facilities, which all help the monetary advancement much further. Without a decent foundation, the stream of merchandise and ventures is unthinkable, and tourism incomes enable this to be bolstered.

Social benefits

Not only the income, but there are also additionally phenomenal social preferences for tourism. It very well may be a wellspring of pride for nearby networks and enables them to take a gander at their history, and social legacy and build up their own locale personality. This causes the nearby inhabitants to keep up their customs and culture, while likewise displaying it for every one of the guests. This favorable position of tourism is the thing that has spared numerous neighborhood legacy destinations from decimation, notwithstanding giving visitors a superb understanding into the nearby lifestyles. Tourism can safeguard the historical backdrop of an area that might be in danger of being lost.

So, isn’t it a good sector that adds various benefits in different forms? Don’t forget to mention your reviews for the same.

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Updated on May 19, 2020