Essay on Village Fairs


A village fair can also be called a village funfair. It is a gathering or a coming together of so many people. Most times, they come together for the purpose of entertainment and merriment. In most fun fairs too, there are a number of commercial activities which are done from tent to tent. Most village fairs last from a few days to a month.

Types of Village fairs

When it comes to fairs and village fairs in general, there are some many types associated with this time. Village fairs on the Street refers to fairs that are normally done in a particular neighbourhood. The purpose of this fair is usually geared towards commercial activities and it is normally conducted on the main streets of a village or county. There are other types of fairs such as the festivals, state fairs and so much more.

Benefits of Village fairs

There are many benefits which one can get from the village fairs. Here are some of them;


If you are someone who works most of the day and never seem to have any time to unwind, then the event of a village fair could just be your lucky day. You would have the chance to both unwind from work and have the fun in the world. If you have not laughed in such a long time, this is also going to be the perfect opportunity to let go. It could be an opportunity to have fun with your family and friends which you might not have been able to see all day long due to your hectic work schedule.

Commercial activities

Most times, village fairs would allow you to get the most valuable things for a far cheaper price. This is due to the fact most things which are sold in village fairs would be sold for a cheaper price. Thus, everything you would have wanted would be available to you for a discount which is a fantastic offer if you ask me! Village fairs can be your hub of commercial activities if you allow it to be.

Games and more fun

Most village’s fairs are often fun fairs which means that it would be packed with so much entertainment in one area. You would get to play so many games and win awesome prizes in the process. This combined with the many people around makes the village fun fair a joyous occasion which should not be mixed.

Positive vibes

Have you been sad lately? Are you looking for a way to get positive vibes back into your life? If you are, then you would find the village fairs to be especially useful in this regard. As earlier stated, many of them are considered to be joyous and memorable occasions. When you are done with the village fairs, you would feel inner happiness that was definitely not there before. The truth is that you cannot visit a village fair and come out in a negative tone. It is simply not possible!

Great for the Holidays

If you have the holidays coming up and you do not know what to do, village fairs would be the perfect option for you provided that there is one near you. You would have ample time to explore, have fun and at the time enjoy your holidays with your loved ones. Going to a village fair has the ability to bring out the absolute best in you. It is something that you do not want to miss.


There are a lot of stressful things in the world that we live in today. Thus, the need to have a brilliant idea of how to chill and relax in our free time has never been more important. Village fairs provide you with that opportunity and even more. You would be able to enjoy your holidays while getting the best out of the commercial activities. It is simply the best!

By Caleb