Essay on World Population Day


As humans increase all over the world, the need to know the exact number of people on earth keeps on growing. It is then not surprising that a day has been chosen to remember the effects and importance of population in the world today. Every July 11th, people around the world come together to tackle the various issues that the population can raise in the society we live in today.

World population day was first established in 1989 by the United Nations through the use of their development program. The creation of this day was pushed after the world acknowledged the fact that the population had reached five billion people just two years earlier. It was this fitting to create a day to remember the rise in population.

Effects of Population Growth

There are many things or factors that are affected by the constant growth of humans in our world and many of these issues are concerns that are addressed during the world population day. Here are a few of those effects;

It requires much more investment

With the constant growth of the human population, there comes the need for more investment. This is true due to the fact that a rapidly growing population would mean that consumption levels would also shoot through the roof. Therefore, it would need much more investment in consumable products to be able to cater to this population. This can become a problem especially if the country or region which is experiencing this growth is not really strong economically. With time, you might have a situation where consumption level is much higher than the investments that are being made. This would surely lead to a shortage of items such as food.

Natural Resources

Another thing which the continuous increase of overpopulation is going to have an impact on is the natural resources of a particular region. In most places around the world today, agriculture is a big thing due to the fact that it helps to feed a nation. When the population growth of a particular region which has agriculture as its main natural resource keeps on increasing, there is a big chance that more and more land would be needed to house the growing population. Hence, the opportunity to fully exploit the agricultural benefits in that region would become very limited. Thus, a growing population would hinder the economy of such a region in its totality

More Migration to Urban areas

When the population of a particular region keeps on increasing, the most likely thing that would happen is that people would start to seek ways to join the urbanization trend. This would thus lead to some sort of social change on their part. With the population growing and the economy of the place not really ready for such growth, those areas would most likely be facing serious issues in transportation, the availability of water and power amongst others. It would also be a major concern to environmentalists as urbanization has a negative effect on the environment.

Negative Effects on per capita income

If a country or region are thinking of good and efficient ways to improve their per capita income, then one thing they would have to monitor closely is their population growth. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to help your per capita income if your population keeps growing faster than your economy. This would most likely lead to a fall in the standard of living and a rise in the cost of living. The final effect is that you would have so much more people living in property today.

The Importance of World Population Day

World population day seeks to solve these points and issues that are currently in many countries of the world. It is a time for people to seek ways in which they can make their lives better against. July 11th gives everyone around the world that wonderful chance to get things right after such as a long time


So when the next July 11th comes around, you should always remember that the world population day is there for a reason. It might just save our world from overpopulation at the end of the day.

By Caleb