Essay on Importance of Examinations

An examination (exam) is an assessment that is done to a person in order to measure their skills, knowledge, and other topics.

It can also be defined as a test that someone takes as a proof of their knowledge, skill, or ability.

When you administer a test to a person with an intention of getting his or her ability and knowledge, that one becomes an examination.

It can be done in terms of set questions through a computer, paper, verbally, and other ways. Sometimes, someone is asked to carry out an activity as a test of their skills.

To most people, the examination has taken control and it is a culture. They do not see how success can come without an examination. However, this is very true. The successful people are treated with honor and dignity.

Importance of examination

  • Exams encourage students to learn.
  • They are vital in testing our knowledge and skills. An exam tests whether people are knowledgeable or not.
  • Students concentrate due to the existence of examinations. They pay attention to their teachers and their work.
  • Examinations help to motivate students. This happens when they succeed and get good results.
  • They are one of the ways to abilities and knowledge in written form.
  • Examinations train students how to be punctual. Through timing each paper or session, a student tries to manage time before it is too late.
  • Another importance of examination is its effect on the expression of opinions and thoughts.
  • You can determine a person’s level of knowledge in certain areas or subjects when you administer an exam to them.
  • They ensure that the examinees manage the learning process when in class and outside. This includes setting up timetables for each subject when they study privately.
  • Encourages students to revise. Revision is a proper way of learning since most students do not comprehend various units. They get to learn more when they revise.
  • Examinations stimulate the brain. Therefore, the brain becomes responsive and active when doing other things.
  • It also trains you how to remember. By examining someone, it makes them recall the information they had learned or the skills they had been taught.
  • Examinations make you increase your confidence. Students learn how to overcome their nerve when they get tested.
  • Claiming for top positions or higher grades encourages competition between students.
  • Examinations evaluate how far students have learned.
  • Many teachers use them as a test of the level of understanding. Many people have different abilities to comprehend information and examinations are relevant in testing them.
  • It helps to determine certification, honors, and promotion. Different levels of certificates are based on the success of students in various exams.
  • They lead to the development of examination bodies. There are professional examiners almost in every country that administer and mark national and private exams.
  • They also help students to do a personal evaluation and know the areas that need improvement.
  • Examinations assist the government institutions on how to allocate courses. Different courses are determined by how good students perform in sciences, mathematics, humanities, and other disciplines.


Although examinations are seen as unnecessary by a segement of people, their importance cannot be underrated. So, you should have a positive attitude towards them since they are there to help you and your tutor to perform evaluations.

After a duration of learning, both theoretical and practical knowledge is tested in examinations. Without them, it would be difficult to know whether you are learning. Since life is full of challenges, examinations equip you with the ability to tackle issues.

By Winnie