Positive And Negative Effects Of Technology – Essay

Positive And Negative Effects Of Technology – Essay

Technology, as we know, has largely shaped the lives of countless people across the globe. There have been improvements in Healthcare, Security, and Communication to name quite a few. All these changes have brought about major growth and development in countries all over the world and serve to improve the living standards of many. However, with these changes have also come some serious problems. Knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of technology will help us to make the best out of this important part of human life, and at the same time, avoid the pitfalls. We will discuss the positive and negative effects technology in the aspects of education, family life and society.


Positive Effects: There are many positive ways in which technology has impacted the lives of children. First of all, it helps to prepare them for life in an ever-evolving world. Technology is growing, developing and changing constantly, and exposing children to it from an early age helps them understand how technology is advancing and prepare them for the future. The latest technology also helps bring new learning experiences to children all over the world, helping them grow mentally at a rate that would have not been possible before this point. Videos, images, presentations, webcams and many other training aids help build a child’s interest in learning. And all of this is possible because of technology.

Negative Effects: Even as many positive effects exist, technology also has negative outcomes on the education of students today. One of such problems is a result of spending too much time using technology, either on the part of the teacher or the student. On the part of the teacher, this cuts down the amount of time spent with each child and greatly reduces the quality of whatever little time is spent. On the other hand, extremely high amounts of screen time a child has can be damaging. Excessive time spent on technology by a child can lead to cognitive problems. It also warps a child’s perception of reality, making it difficult for the child to distinguish real from virtual.

Family Life

Positive Effects: First of all, it is quite obvious that as technology can help us communicate with people close to us, it can be quite useful in strengthening family bonds. Marriage mates can contact each other regardless of any distance between them. This can help to reduce the strain of temporarily being apart which may be caused by work, other family members and other factors. It can also help parents keep track of their kids, from the crib, even till they become adolescents.

Negative Effects: Constant attachment to technology on the part of marriage mates can drastically reduce the amount of time these ones spend with each other, leading to more and more issues. Many just see technology as a way to avoid their problems, while in reality, they simply face these problems when they put down their devices. Parents today have also switched out their functions as caregivers and relinquished these tasks to modern technology, limiting the amount of time they spend with their children. Teenagers are also all too ready to trade time with their family for time on their mobile devices.

In The Society

Positive Effects: Overall, technology has proved to be exceedingly important in our day to day activities. From the moment we wake up, to the time we retire to bed, we interact with a variety of devices and tech gadgets that make our lives much simpler. Fridges, microwaves, toasters, motor vehicles, mobile phones; we all make use of these devices throughout our activities for each day. We cook food to eat, transport ourselves to places we want to go and communicate with people the world over, all thanks to the advances of technology

Negative Effects: On the other hand, we have nearly become oblivious to some of the problems these advances have caused. Man has become more and more dependent on technology, limiting how much he is physically capable of, or even mentally interested in doing. We let technology take most of the strain that we actually need to live healthily. Technological advances have also been followed closely by the increased danger to human, animal and plant life as well.

We have become oblivious of how much we really lose as a result of technology because we focus only on the perceived benefits. If however, we learn to strike a balance, we will be able to avoid many of these pitfalls and enjoy the positive effects of technology.

By Caleb