English as a Global Language – Essay

Essay on English as a global language

Should English be the language of the world? First of all, does the world need a general language or a lingua franca so to speak? Many people say yes, and this is why. There are many languages present today and this produces a barrier to many relations between two parties speaking different languages. A natural language made use of as a general means of communication will help to remove this problem. Over the centuries, major languages that are used as a medium of communication on an international level. From Latin during the Roman times and the Dark ages down to French from the 17th century to the 20th century. These languages help to set the precedent for any aspiring global language; that it should be a language everyone understands to allow for communication between countries.

Should English be a global language?

A suitable global language should not have the purpose of replacing a nation’s mother tongue hence depriving them of their national identity but it should serve to support international communications. English, as a suitable global language does not have to be the most widely spoken native language as the most widely spoken native language.

English is currently being used all over the world in airports, to conduct international business, academic conferences and to hold international communications. English is one of the most widely spread language, one which many students the world over are studying. English is also the preferred language in sectors like those of Science, Technology, Diplomacy, and Medicine. It is also widely used in sports and for advertising. Far more books which are published are in English that are in any other language.

It is being used as either the official language or the semi-official language in more than 80 countries worldwide. English has evolved around different languages and it remains an ever-changing language. Many English words can be traced back to languages like Latin, Celtic, German and French as well. English has collected together the best parts of these languages and cultures and as such can be considered the common language for the languages with the Indo-European root.


Following the British expansion in the world, English began to be used as a common language as the British Empire needed a common ground for communication and as such, English began to be spoken by a large proportion of the world. After Britain exhibited its military prowess over the world, America colonized the economic world. As a result, English had spread farther and faster toward becoming a global language.

Some changes and improvements still need to be made to the language to make it easier to learn as very few humans on earth today are native English. Besides, English has a rich vocabulary and is already on its way to becoming a global language with over 2 billion speakers worldwide.

By Caleb