Essay on Earth and Its Importance


The earth is a planet in the solar system. It is considered to be the third planet from the sun and the only planet with the ability to sustain life. The moon is the earth’s only satellite. The earth rotates in its exact position (axis) and revolves along with some other planets around the sun. The earth’s rotation around the sun lasts a period of 365.26 days and rotates about its axis about 366.26 times. This period of the earth’s rotation is called the earth year.

Importance of earth

The earth is our home. We have no other home to go to since the other planets do not sustain life, we have found the earth to be the only planet to live and live comfortably.

The distance of the earth from the sun makes it possible for humans to live on the earth. So if the sun was just a little closer to the earth, we would all die and if the earth was just a little bit further away from the sun, we would also all die too. So the earth is in the best position for human habitation.

The planet earth has a temperature balancing ability and this makes the earth yet the best choice of a home for humans. The earth provides the ideal environment for life and it protects us from the deadly and hostile environmental and hazardous conditions of the other heavenly bodies we are able to observe.

The earth also has the ability to develop life as it has water in its liquid form at the surface, thereby allowing for life development considering the fact that the lack of water will lead to the inability to sustain life as well.

The earth also has our basic need of fresh air needed to breathe. It makes air available just like water, air containing the needed gases to sustain our lives and the lives of animals and plants and for the regular cycles to continue as they should. The earth is the only planet that has an atmosphere with free oxygen.

The earth is greatly bio-diverse. The earth has a great variety of plants and animals uniquely designed to carry out survival in different capacities, and in different shapes and sizes. Humans are greatly blessed to inhabit the earth with its variety of beautiful plants and animals and food combinations to spice up our lives.

The physical attributes of the earth include the shape and size and composition. The earth over time has been confirmed to be spherical in shape. This has been proven by ships going around the earth and from pictures of the earth that were taken.

The earth is composed of solid and liquid and gas portions. Oxygen being part of the gaseous part of the atmosphere is chemically combined with many other chemicals to make solid or liquid.


It is clear that the earth is important and earth’s importance cannot be over flogged. And though the humans living in the earth have used modern innovation’s and technology to ruin the earth by disrupting the already arranged cycles, the earth even has a system to clean itself. Man’s activity has greatly affected the earth in many ways, but the earth remains the most habitable, most convenient, most comfortable place to live in the universe, the earth remains the planet with the best delicacies- combination of dishes that brings pleasant tastes to our tongue and needed nutrients to our body, the only planet that allows humans to express themselves in the beauty of nature, beautiful flowers and breathtaking views of the ocean, and of sunrise and sunset, and of amazingly beautiful animals. A planet where learning and knowledge has no end.

By Caleb