Essay on Father’s Day

Essay on Father’s Day

Father’s day is a celebration that honors fathers and celebrates fatherhood, paternal relationships and the value of fathers in the society. It has been celebrated on the 19th of March in Catholic Europe from before the 15th century.

The Father’s Day celebration was introduced to Latin America by the Portuguese and the Spanish and it maintains the date as March 19. However many countries in the America and Europe celebrate the holiday on the 3rd Sunday of June which is the US date. However, in many countries over the world, the dates vary but they usually celebrated in the months of March, April and June.

Father’s compliments other holidays like Mother’s day, Siblings day similar to Father’s day in that they honour family members as well.

Father’s day helps the children see the value of a father in their lives and this will help to strengthen the relationship between the two parties. Children are encouraged to reciprocate the love shown to them by their fathers on that day. It is customary for children to display their love for their father’s and even verbally express it. Typically, a gift or a flower is given to the father by his child or children. If a flower is to be given, it is customary to give a rose as it is regarded as the official flower of Father’s Day. However, the color is significant. White roses are for deceases fathers while red roses are for living fathers. Greeting cards are also included in the gift giving arrangements. Certain programs are also held on this day based on the theme of fathers and they can vary from location to location.

By Caleb