Essay on Games and Its Importance

Essay on Games

 Imagine a world without any sort of fun. The result would be that the world would be a very busy and boring place. Not only this, but people would work themselves to the ground without a good way to relax and release steam. For this reasons, games are very important to the human society.


Games can be referred to activities which are competitive in nature. Games are normally played by more than one person and can take on the nature of a sporting event. Regardless of its form, it usually has a winner at the end of the activity.

Importance of Games

Games are an essential part of our lives. There are many reasons why this remains the case. Some of the reasons include;

  • Games are a way to relax and have fun: having a stressful day at work? Or you just cannot seem to catch a break recently or have time for yourself. The truth is that games offer you the chance to do so. Games are a sure way to relax when you are not at work while at the same time being productive. Therefore, if you are feeling a bit down and mentally drained, games is a sure way to liven up your day. You would find it very satisfying indeed.
  • It keeps you mentally sharp: whether the games you play are board games or more intense games, one thing that is for sure is that games help to keep your mind sharp as ever. Most games require its players to think and be creative. This is the only which you can come out on top. Since games are usually played against each other, it is more likely that the purpose of the game would be to come out on top at the end. Hence, if you are looking for a way to keep yourselves mentally sharp even while you are away from work, then games are definitely one of the best options you would have around.
  • It can be a form of exercise: some games might require us to mentally and physically exert ourself. Some games might require us to use profound logic to win such as chess. Regardless of what is required of the participants, the one thing that is constant is the fact that most games involve some sort of exercise. This is especially true when the game is related to sporting activities. Games would thus give you an opportunity to tone your body or stay in shape while you are simply having fun. You would hardly feel it unlike when you are following a workout routine. This is one reason why games form such an essential part of our life.
  • It helps individuals develop very useful qualities: wondering how to develop good qualities such as leadership and stamina? Well, playing various types of games gives individuals the opportunity to hone certain skills and qualities. Thus, you would find it easy to develop such qualities as patience and leadership when engaging in games with groups of persons. This would allow you to expand your horizon and transform yourself into a much better person in life.


Games are without an iota of doubt a great way to relax and still be mentally and physically engaging. It also is one of the best ways to make sure that your mind and body stay healthy and vibrant. This, therefore, means that every individual should be urged to participate in games more often. This will ensure that everyone makes progress and remains as productive as ever.

By Caleb