Essay on Hobbies and Interests

  • Essay on Hobbies and Interests


Whether we are old or young, one thing which most of us have is a hobby or an interest in a particular thing. This could arise in many ways. Perhaps you were exposed to a particular hobby when you were young or you have grown to love the feeling which comes with it. Regardless of how it all arose, there can be no doubt that hobbies and interests are a good way to keep us busy most of the time. Most hobbies and interests would cut across many aspects of life. These would like include academics, sports and even entertainment.

Benefits of Hobbies and Interests

What are some of the benefits of having hobbies or interests? The following are some of them;

  • It can serve as a form of entertainment: if you are constantly bored when you are not at work or at school, then the answer to your constant boredom could be having a hobby. Hobbies can be a reliable source of entertainment especially when you are free and willing to engage in one activity or the other. Hobbies can also make you smile and be happy which is sure to lighten your mood up on a constant basis. Therefore, when you are feeling bored or down, try doing one of your interests and hobbies. This is sure to keep you preoccupied.
  • It is a form of mental exercise: trying to keep your brain mentally sound and sharp at all times? One brilliant way to do this is to pick an interest in an activity or skill. This would allow you to have a bit of mental exercise from time to time. This would ensure that your brain is always up and doing even when you are not in the office or at school. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek out a hobby today. It is a decision that you surely would not be disappointed with.
  • It is a good way to relieve yourself from stress: stress is a part of a life which we simply cannot avoid. Whether at the workplace or at school, we would go through some form of stress that can lead to exhaustion. Having a hobby to keep us busy is a good way to keep our minds off stress and to relieve ourselves. When we engage in hobbies, we let go of all the issues which we find stressful and immerse ourselves in the wonderful realm of creativity. If you are someone who has a major issue with stress, then getting a hobby could be a nice alternative for you.
  • Hobbies improve your relationships and your social life: if you spend all your time on work and have no time for family and friends, then having a hobby can help you to embrace the social part of your life. Hobbies give you an avenue to interact with those who mean the world to you. If this is one part of your life which you desperately need to improve, then you should not let the opportunity of creating a lasting bond with your close ones pass you by. Get a hobby today and improve important relationships that mean the world to you.


Hobbies and interests are something which comes naturally to us humans. We need something in which we can find joy and relaxation. Also, hobbies and interests are excellent ways to keep our brain sharp at all times. This would ensure that we do not lose our mental abilities ever. Most importantly, it would give us the opportunity to have a social life and get closer to our family and friends.

By Caleb