Essay on Nature

One of the most precious gifts God has given us is the gift of Nature. Nature has to do with things around us which have not been influenced by the activities of man such as technology, production and design.   Simply put, Nature is the God-given world we see around us. In this discussion, we will see the reason why nurturing nature is important for saving future.

Over the years humans have carried out a lot of activities on the natural provisions given to us by God. Many of these activities have led to neglect and damage to nature. The problem is that the damage occurs slowly and it escapes our notice till it results in a great problem which could threaten our future and our existence.

Animals face great danger. Many birds, reptiles and smaller mammals top the list of animals which could be absent in the near future. Deforestation continues to be on the rise due to man’s desire to accomplish great feats of architectural designs with wood. The good thing is that all hope is not lost. We can still rescue some of our natural blessings with the right attitude. Here are a few things we can do to save the nature.

Things we can do to save nature

  • Endeavour never to waste water. Try to turn off all running water whenever you are done using it. When you even visit places where water is scarce, you have the duty to ensure you do not waste it. Large quantities of water are wasted daily in many parts of the world. And gradually the problem of water scarcity affects these places. Do not also dump unwanted refuse on huge bodies of water. This can cause water pollution and render many bodies of water unfit for drinking.
  • There are many plants and animals which are among the endangered species. You can embark on a study of endangered plants and animals and see how you can contribute to their protection.
  • Elephants are currently in danger due to the increased demand for ivory. Due to this rise in demand, there is also a rise in the death of elephants for this purpose. There would be no need to kill elephants for ivory if there was no one buying them. So to NURTURE nature we have to save elephants by not encouraging traders to buy ivory tusks.
  • We need to start small by paying wildlife their due respect. Without wildlife, we may not be here and we cannot look at the future with hope. We should not disturb their peace. Even their nesting places should not be disturbed by humans. We should give them their required space to enable them to multiply and bear young ones too.
  • We need to embark on nature-friendly activities which could protect our future. Some of them include carrying out a good radioactive waste management system, conservation of water, soil, animals, carrying out sustainable development, curtailing environmental hazards, water purification, making use of cars which favor the ecosystem and so on.

How nurturing nature can help create a better future

When you nurture nature you help to create a better future for yourself and the future generations. Here are some of the ways nurturing nature can help create a better future;

  • It helps to protect the ozone layer and by doing so helps to protect the world from global warming.
  • It helps to protect the animals from going extinct thereby leaving something for the future generation to explore.
  • It saves the human race from literally going extinct due to heavy damage to nature.
  • It helps humans to keep having access to the social amenities of life such as clean water and good food.


We are no doubt all aware of the countless benefits of nature. So it is important we try to protect it from destruction. The future of generations also has a right to enjoy the earth and its blessings. It would be unfair if we use it to satisfy our desire at the detriment of what happens in the future because we can never be safe from the disaster that would result. It’s our duty to nurture and look after the earth.   Because when we exploit nature now we make our future bleak.

By Caleb