Essay on ‘Save fuel for a better life’

Essay on ‘Save fuel for a better life’


In layman terms, fuel can burn. Professionally, fuel is referred to as any material that can react with other substances to generate energy. Such energy produced from fuel is usually used to operate machines. An example of energy gotten from the burning of fuel is heat energy. The idea of reacting fuel with other substances to produce energy was before now used in respect to materials that can release chemical energy but in recent times it has been used in respect to nuclear energy through nuclear fusion and nuclear fission which is another source of heat energy.

Fuels are in great contrast with other substances or devises that have the ability and potential to store energy for the purpose of future use. Some examples include batteries and capacitor- for electrical energy, flywheels, compressed air, springs, and water in a reservoir- for mechanical energy.

Some examples of fuels are wood, paper, petrol, paper, nylon etc.

Why saving fuel would lead to a better life

We cannot have green grass and blue skies if we continue to use an excess of gas. For centuries humans have used fossil fuels and this has led to a lot of disturbances in our environment. The excess use of fossil fuel has created adverse effects on the environment in which humans reside. Our world can be likened to a very big balloon in which has all the needed nutrients and gasses to sustain life for as long as possible, but man has released poisonous gasses into this balloon by burning fossil fuel, causing the balloon no longer safe, and so humans seem to have forgotten how vital the balloon is to their existence of the human species.

With all changes changes going in our environment, we are almost certain of imminent disastrous consequences soon to come in the future.

There have been many references to CO2 as a primary cause of global warming, but there are still many other gasses that pose much threat to the human health and survival on the planet earth. These include nitrogen oxides, sulphuric oxides, lead, arsenic, cadmium, and even mercury emissions. These gases may at first seem to affect just the environment, but they also play a major role in the deteriorating health of the human community. Exposing the human community to seemingly complex health hazards. These have caused ailments like asthma, cancer, and even chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder also known as COPD. Exposure to these gases for a long period of time may cause multiplication of respiratory diseases and infections among the large population of human inhabitants. The conservation of fuel is as important as the survival of the human community and other species that share the planet earth with them.


If we are to maintain good health and a better environment with environmental hazards properly managed, we need to conserve fuel. Another help could come from introducing the world to renewable energy. Replacing fossil fuels with clean fuels and renewable energy. By doing so we would be eliminating the risks of poor health and the risk of killing the other species that also live on the planet earth along with their habitats both sea animals and land animals.

By Caleb