Essay on ‘Time Is Money’

Essay on ‘Time Is Money’

Time is money is one of the oldest proverbs that a lot of successful people refer to when it comes to explaining the secret behind their success. Many successful people believe that managing your time means that you have managed your life. What is time? Time is a valuable resource that is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. As much as this world is our home, we all have a finite time to spend in this world. Consequently, it is only wise that we spend time and resources on things that matter to us or simply things that better our lives. In other words, it means spending time on things that give us necessary results or improves our lives.

In our lives’ experiences, we can all conclude that this proverb is important and educative to people who are more focused on unnecessary things other than other important critical issues. When it comes to this proverb, it refers to both concrete and abstract time. Abstract time refers to the time about the time clock while concrete time refers to the time about our every days’ activities. Money is also another valuable resource that perfectly relates with time. As a result of that when you save on time, you save money. From the quote, it is clear that time as a resource is equal to the wealth you have. Consequently, people should spend hours in value addiction activities instead of spending time on unnecessary activities.

Owners of their every day’s time throughout their life choose the kind or level of wealth they want to achieve in their life. The main proof or evidence that time is money includes everyday businesses or activities and how they change as time moves. That is, things in business change as time moves on.

Importance of Time Management

  1. It helps students and business people to manage their study time and working time. As a result of that, they can manage their businesses and performance.
  2. With perfect time management, businessmen and women develop strong and effective business cultures and histories.
  3. For students, they can cover more areas of study thanks to managing their study time.
  4. It leads to more free time.
  5. Managing time helps people to take advantage of the opportunities laid before them.
  6. It leads to more career successes among learners.
  7. In addition to all that, it helps people to accomplish so much despite the less time.
  8. It leads to better coordination of work within a short period.
  9. Managing time leads to punctuality when it comes to having things done.


All choices have consequences. Time is money is a proverb that is openly used by many people to encourage people to spend their time wisely. As much as we want to achieve so much in life, we should learn that how we spend our time defines how much we gain. Consequently, it is wise that we waste less of our time and spend most of it on useful matters.

By Maureen