Speech on College Life

Speech on College Life

Hello everyone, today I am here to speak something on college life.

I am sure that among the audience I am addressing here today, there are many who have already crossed the thresholds of college life and there are many who will be stepping into college in the coming years. In India, college life begins right after school, after one passes Class 12. There are numerous streams in which students can enroll themselves and choose the subject of their choice for further studies.

Anyone who wants to pursue education after school will have to go to college. College life is an integral part of the life of any individual looking for higher education. After school, college is the first step in the outer world and one is initially a bit stunned. College is a place where one’s career is made or broken. The first step in this regard is choosing the right stream and subject of study. In college our horizons start expanding. We come in contact with students from various places. While some of them become friends for life, some remain as acquaintances only.

In college one is considered as an adult and is expected to take responsibility of one’s own actions. A sense of freedom comes in, where you are given some liberty to lead the life you want. But it is on the individual as how he maintains balance. In college life, bunking classes, going to movies, enjoying with friends, going on trips is quite common. There is no one in college to keep a tab on students; it is his/her own responsibility.

It is obvious that people make lovely memories in college. When you check your scrapbook or your photo albums later in life, you will see that these times were the best days in your life probably. If you can balance your life in college well, you are expected to be sorted for the rest of your life. Use this platform well and judiciously.

By Maanasi