Speech on Health

Speech on Health

Wishing everyone present here a very good and warm morning. Today I have been asked to say a few words on health.

We have all heard the common adage ‘health is wealth’ and this is true from all aspects. Until and unless we have good health, we will not be able to do anything. If our daily and routine activities get hampered if our health is not in our favor. Therefore maintaining proper health is very important. There was a time when people did not pay much attention to their health. Nowadays people have become more conscious and control what they eat, how much they eat and so on. Infact they also calculate the amount of calorie intake as per the need of their health.

Along with proper and guided eating, another thing which is important for good health is regular exercising. Majority of the people nowadays have sedentary jobs where there is minimal or no physical activity whatsoever. This lack of exercise causes various kinds of health disorders. Thus, it is recommended that a minimum amount of exercise should be included in the daily regimen of people. The exercise can be as simple as walking if managing time for other kinds of exercises seems difficult.

There is another aspect which I would like to bring to notice of all. When we talk of health, mostly we refer to physical health. But for overall wellbeing of an individual, one needs to be healthy physically as well as mentally. A person who is not well mentally will not be able to perform to his optimum. Infact his physical health will also start deteriorating. One way to stay mentally healthy is by keeping stress under control. Also there are various ways in which stress can be alleviated. Try these at home.

Progress of an individual is only possible when he is physically as well as mentally healthy. And only healthy individuals can make up a progressive society and country as whole.

By Maanasi