Speech on Importance of Education

Speech on Importance of Education

Good day to all the eminent guests present here today. I have been lucky in being selected for delivering a speech on a very important topic – importance of education.

Ask any person today if education is important or not and he will surely answer in affirmative. Yes, just like food, clothing and shelter, education has become a necessity today. And it is not for any other purpose, but for one’s self-development and growth. Education opens up new horizons for any individual as he gets to know and learn about various things. The process of learning and knowledge gain is augmented with education.

It is quite interesting to see as what general people understand by the term education. To majority of people, it is gaining certifications and degrees. The higher degrees you acquire, higher is your educational qualification. And to them, with the higher degrees and good education, one can get a handsome paying job and this will make the person successful.

But actually, education has much more to itself than just grabbing a lucrative job offer and settling well in life. Real education helps in gaining real knowledge – knowledge which will help in realizing truth of life, potential of life. It will help in eradicating the dark side of our self and show us the right path. This growth and development of the self will help in facing the real world in the best manner.

Education does not start from a point and end at a point. It is like a river, which keeps on flowing. The more one flows with the tide, the better will his education be. With the right kind of education, you will learn to appreciate all aspects of life – good and bad, ugly and beautiful, bright and dark etc. You are also sure to develop better analytical skills and will be able to handle problems in a mature and effective manner with right kind of education.

Education is not limited to bookish knowledge. There is much more to explore!

By Maanasi