Speech on Importance of Sports and Games

Speech on Importance of Sports and Games

A very good day to everyone present here today. I will be delivering a short speech on the importance of sports and games.

Physical activities like sports and games are very important in the life of an individual, particularly in the life of students. This is the reason that there is a sports and games class in the routine which is followed in school. The old adage keeps on saying ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ and this is absolutely true. The development of a child is hampered greatly if there is no sports, games and physical activities in his curriculum. Studying whole day will do him no good if there is no recreation in the form of sports and games.

From the perspective of health – both physical and mental, sports and games play an important role. Playing keeps the person physically fit and healthy. His whole body is in movement while enjoying any kind of active physical sport activity. Development of muscles and body structure is also enhanced with this kind of activity. Sports and games also enhance mental fitness and agility. The games make one more alert and reflexes become sharp and sound. Mental flexibility is increased considerably with sports and games. It also improves quick thinking and action taking abilities.

Having a sportsman-spirit is very important in this tough competitive life. It is not possible always to win games; there are times when one can’t be the winner. Accepting the failure gloriously and looking to achieve in the future is what sportsman-spirit is all about. And this feeling and sense is developed from participating in various kinds of sports and games.

There are many people whose games and sports skills were identified once they started playing. With regular practice and endeavor, they made great athletes in future and carved a niche for themselves in the sports arena. Boost the confidence of children and encourage them in playing different kinds of games.

By Maanasi