Stop Cutting Trees – Essay

Stop Cutting Trees – Essay


There have been many seemingly genuine reasons why people see the need to cut down trees both around the home and in the bushes where these trees seem not to be serving any purpose. These reasons include:

  • Making paper: businessman and women businessman into cutting trees for the sole purpose of producing paper. This business is quite important to our society since the society we live in deals with billions of sheets of paper daily. It is especially important in the business world, schools and other establishments both government and private.
  • Building something on land: our communities have continued to grow over the years because of the increasing number of building projects and construction that have been carried out. These building constructions continue to serve as shelter to individuals in the community and to animals as a means to preserve life and shield these individuals from harm. These structures may include barns, houses, banks etc. These buildings may also is the purpose of a public office, serving as a platform for work to be done. In all aspects of life, their buildings have been an important part of human existence and survival on the planet earth.
  • To make furniture: For centuries the need for furniture have remained most essential in everyday life as furniture such as chairs, tables, wardrobes, and others continue to make life more comfortable and allow for better arrangement and organization of our house and household tools.

Why we should stop cutting trees?

In the early tum of human existence, there were people of different groups and backgrounds that saw trees as an honorable, sacred and special part of our existence. For example, it is said that some part of the Indian rituals included the use of redwood. The European druids also worshipped oaks while in Africa, the tribal natives use baobabs, which played a very important role in their regular rituals to their deities. In the middle ages, old-time scholars and Romans gave deep respect to trees both in literature writing and in action.

The modern society we live in today still has more organized and practical reasons to keep trees in our environment, considering that the world’s technology has advanced to a level of greater insight.

  • Trees produce oxygen. Keeping in mind that humans will not exist without oxygen and that it is a major reason why there has been no way to live in any other planet except for earth, we understand the importance of oxygen as it can be said to be our life as well. Trees produce oxygen, so without the tress l, we are reduced to nothing. It is said that a mature leaf can produce the needed oxygen in a season for about 10 people to breathe in a year. It has also been discovered that the forest is like a very big filter that cleans the air we breathe. This is accomplished by absorbing the airborne particles and pollutants.
  • Trees also provide shade and cooling. Trees are generally known for providing shade for the human population in summer. Trees also serve windbreaks during the cold windy season.
  • Trees also help control soil erosion. Grass planting projects and tree planting has always been the start of erosion control steps. The leaves help break the force of wind and rain on the soil while the roots bind the soil. Trees help conserve rainwater and fight erosion.


Trees may look like they no use but fall leaves, but looking intently we see why everyone need a tree. These wind breaking, life-giving, erosion-controlling, and shade providing elements will cost nothing to plant. Truly, the best things in life are free.

By Caleb