Essay on World Environment Day

Essay on World Environment Day

As we all live and learn through the experiences we get in our various lives, we can all but admit that this world is a wonderful place to be despite all its flaws and weaknesses. Over the years and centuries ago, the world has found a way to keep on existing and this promises to continue for the foreseeable future. If it is anything we owe this earth, it is the environment day.

World Environment day which is on the 5th of June every year is a day which is chosen to celebrate the environment itself. It is also a day which is used to make people become much more aware of other factors which we would mention below. The environment day is one day which is significantly important for various reasons.

Importance of World Environment Day  

The reasons why the World Environment Day is very important to include;

  • World Environment Day increases enlightenment on how important the environment is: most people in the world today do not really know just how important their environment is to their lives. Hence, they would be likely to treat their environment with less respect. Having to celebrate environment day would help those people learn certain things about the environment which they probably never thought possible. By doing this, everyone on the planet would come to see the need for taking care of the environment.
  • It offers solutions to environmental issues: it is quite obvious that the environment in the world we live in has developed some fundamental issues over time which must be solved if we want to survive as a race. During the world environment day, many lectures and seminars are held, rallies take place. These events would help most individuals to be able to talk about the problems which affect their environment. It also provides an avenue for individuals to decide what necessary steps they would take to make sure that their environment is always heading in the right direction.
  • World Environment Day Celebrations brings and unites people together: during the celebration of the environment day, many people from different locations are pulled together in one united effort to help the environment. When this happens, the end result is that many persons would feel closer to their teammate. This will lead to a state of cooperativeness and unity. The truth is that nothing in the world we live in today can be achieved without unity. Hence, the environment day can help spread unity, unity that is based fully on the environment. This will lead to great improvement in the environmental outlook as a whole
  • It helps us to appreciate all the environment stands for: have you ever taken your time to think about how beautiful the environment and its scenery is? How beautifully crafted the flowers are? Yet these are not just for show as they have valuable duties to carry out in our world today. There is not a better day to learn more about the environment than on environment day. Environment day usually takes place June 5th every year. This is the perfect time to start taking in the beauty of the environment.


Our environment is one of the most vital reasons why we are still alive today. Hence, the need to take care of it and protect it cannot be overemphasized. Environment day gives us a specific day to sit and talk about the issues which plague the environment. Also, it creates a way in which we can solve these problems. All these benefits make celebrating the World Environment Day something we should consider deeply. So when the June 5th comes around, make sure that you are always at the front of every celebration taken.

By Caleb