Every cloud has a silver lining – Essay

Every cloud has a silver lining – Essay

This idiom is believed to be originally traced to 1634 in the masque Comus written by John Milton. This idiom explains why we should always have hope. Whenever there is a black cloud that blocks sunlight from shining through, it may seem very dark and gloomy like there is going to be a downpour. However, when we observe more carefully we will notice the sunrays on the sides of the dark cloud trying to peep through. The sunrays struggling to shine on through the sides of the heavy dark cloud forms a silver lining on the edges of the cloud.

The phrase, “Every cloud has a silver lining”,  is used to explain help people express hope, that even though life may throw bad phases at you, even though life puts you through the worst of times, when life is the most critical and there seems like there’s no hope and no way out and you are about to give up or you are already giving up, we should always remember that out of every bad situation there is a positive side or positive effect.

When we have bad experiences we may focus on the negative effects of our mistakes or at the problems that may come our way because of the kind of world we live in, but if only we observe a little bit more intently we would notice the positive effect of such bad situations, We could learn from our mistakes and make adjustments if we will come across such obstacles at another time or in similar situations. Bad situations and experiences that we face in life are compared to the dark clouds that may make our environment seem dark and gloomy.

Relevance of the proverb in our daily life

This proverb shows just how importance it is for all of us to always be positive in our lives. Having positive thinking and positive attitudes is a sure way to make progress in life due to their numerous benefits. This includes;

  • People with positive attitudes are healthier. Medical journals of different kinds and authors have said the same thing, but consider the people around you and you will notice that those who live the longest are equipped with a positive mind. To have a quality life and purpose a positive attitude has to be present and that makes people live with a purpose.
  • People who have a positive attitude are more productive. People who have a positive attitude tend to be more productive at their different workplaces, their homes, and when making decisions. A positive attitude allows them to set achievable goals and actually work hard to reach those set goals. A positive attitude helps the developers believe in their abilities and ability to face and overcome whatever difficulties may come their way. It enables them to be productive in the business since productivity is considered a very vital part of the business world.
  • People who have a positive attitude socialize better. Better socialization skills make it easier for people to approach them and relate with them. People who appear to be more approachable usually have a lot of people wanting to be around them because people seem comfortable around them. It is very agreeable that not every person with a positive attitude socializes well, levels of socialization differ with different humans. When we are positive we get to meet other people with positive minds.

When we have a positive attitude we will not easily be overwhelmed with anxiety and difficulties of life and live with the mindset that things will change and whatever they are going through will pass in time.


Considering all the well-known facts of having a positive attitude, it is clear that there are endless benefits to developing a positive mindset and attitude and we have every reason to look for the silver lining in every dark cloud. We should try to sustain hope and concentrate on the positive effects of even bad situations.

By Caleb