Speech on Importance of Science and Technology

Speech on Importance of Science and Technology

Good morning to all the guests present here. I will be delivering a speech on the topic ‘importance of science and technology’.

If you take a look around us, you will notice that you are surrounded by science and technology. From the switch of a light bulb to the running laptop/computer, everything is a boon of science and technology for mankind. With innovations and inventions, new developments are taking place in the field of science and technology. Though we use the terms science and technology together, they are separate from one another. Science is the study of various possibilities as how the universe works, collection of various kinds of data and to find the insight and pattern of our existence. Technology, on the other hand, is using science into action to bring in favorable results for mankind.

Science and technology has contributed to mankind for innumerable years in the past and will keep on doing so in the coming future as well. This is one of the prime reasons why our life has become so easy and convenient. We must be indebted to the greatest scientists of the world who worked with science and brought to us concepts and ideas which are still implemented. The discovered scientific ideas are still implemented by new technology in the real modern world.

When handled in the right manner, science and technology is considered as a blessing in our life. But when mishandled, it can become a great danger. Think of the atom bombs, the nuclear weapons that have been created or other kinds of advanced arms and ammunitions, which have been designed and made. When these are used in uncontrollable manner, they can cause mass massacre and damage.

Science and technology has altered our lives completely. We have become so dependent on them that life seems indispensable without the same. Human development is profited greatly by science and technology and we must be thankful for the same.

By Maanasi