How to Prepare for Exams? – Speech

How to Prepare for Exams? – Speech

Wishing all the present guests here a very warm and good morning. I have been asked to say something on how to prepare for exams.

Well, it is a well-known fact that exam times bring in lot of tension for students. And this is applicable for all students – for those who are studious and have done their lessons well as well as for students who are not very well prepared for the exams. Instead of panicking for the exams, there are some ways for examination preparing, which are useful and helpful at the same time.

If you want to be successful in an exam, it is important that you take proper preparations for the same. Motivation is an important factor for exam preparation. Until and unless you are properly motivated for the examination, you will not feel the urge to succeed at all.

Along with the motivation factor, you must plan a strategy for the exam in the most practical manner. Chalk out a plan for exam preparation as this will help you in keeping the things in an organized manner. Keep time for each subject separately. If you are weak in a particular subject, that will need more attention and time from you. Make a timetable as which subject has to be studied when and for how long. Set realistic goals for the same so that they are attainable. While following the schedule if you think that some changes need to be made, you must do that.

After reading or learning a topic, make sure that you write it down. Writing helps in learning the thing to its depth. Make notes and summaries so that it is easy to revise later. If possible take mock tests. Do not cheat in that and maintain the time limit strictly. You will get a fair idea of your actual preparation via this test.

Most importantly, do not panic or take stress on the day of the exam. Because that will ruin all your preparations.

By Maanasi