Speech on Earth Day

Speech on Earth Day

Hello everyone. Today we have all assembled here to share our thoughts on Earth Day. I will also speak a few words on the same topic.

Well, I am quite sure that many of us here did not know that something called Earth Day actually existed. We celebrate many other days but forget that Earth Day is probably the most significant day as it is on this earth that we all live. We wouldn’t have existed if the earth was not there. The solar system consists of 8 planets and the Earth is one of the most important among them. It is estimated that it is the only planet with life on it.

Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April all over the world. Today celebration of Earth Day takes place through various events and programs. The main aim is to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day was first celebrated in the year 1970 and presently it is celebrated in more than 193 countries. In fact, the nations are now globally coordinated by the Earth Day Network. Along with celebrating 22nd April as Earth Day, many communities have taken a step forward and look to celebrate Earth Week. Various kinds of programs and activities are planned for the whole week and they mainly focus on addressing various environmental issues that the earth is facing.

We all know the immense pressure that the earth takes. As a result, protection and preservation of the environment and the earth at large is our moral duty. Humans have become reckless in order to fulfil their selfish aims and not sparing the earth as well. The canker of industrialization, the problem of global warming, the depleting ozone layer, the melting of glaciers, the increase in global temperatures etc. are bad indicators. Until and unless the earth and environment is taken care of and preserved, it will call for massive destruction. We all know that when nature strikes disaster, no human force can resist the same.

By Maanasi