Speech on Flowers

Speech on Flowers

A very bright and beautiful good morning to all present here. I would like to speak a few words on flowers today.

Nature has given us a bounty of beautiful things and flowers are one of them definitely. It is nature’s workmanship which can be seen in the wide varieties of flowers that we see all around us. Many opine that flowers are probably the best gifts that have been ushered on human beings by Mother Nature. Innumerable songs, poetry and verses have been written on the beauty and value of flowers over the years.

Flowers occupy an important place in human lives. Right from birth to death, flowers have been integrally linked to human lives. Flowers can be the best of gifts for all kinds of occasions – right from birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, receptions, success parties and so on. They are integrally used in different religious rituals. We often offer flowers to the Almighty while saying our prayers. Flowers are also used for decorations at various occasions and events. Whether it is a joyful occasion like birthday, wedding, anniversary celebration or a solemn affair like a condolence meeting, the use of flowers is mandatory. Only the kinds and varieties of flowers used will be different.

Apart from décor of venues and places, flowers are also used extensively for decking up humans. Flower accessories are quite popular with many women and they love to adorn them. In India women decorate their hair using different kinds of colorful flowers and they look really pretty.

Apart from being of use to humans, flowers are of utmost importance to the nature as well. Flowers help in plant reproduction. Pollen of flowers is carried by birds, insects, butterflies and other beings to other places leading to fertilization and plant production. Not only this, flowers offer nectar as foods to varieties of insects including wasps, butterflies, ants and bees. Many flowers also come with medicinal properties and are used in different kinds of herbal medicines.

Next time you see a flower think of all these qualities and you will love them more!

By Maanasi