Speech on Importance of Adult Education

Speech on Importance of Adult Education

Good morning to all my respected guests who are all present here. The topic on which I shall say a few words today is ‘Importance of adult education’. You might have heard about this topic many a times and even discussed the same with your family or friends.

We all know how important education is for our lives. However, all of us are not that lucky in getting proper education since childhood. People who live amidst poverty do not have the means of pursuing education. For them, arranging meals for the day is more vital. Children of such families are engaged in menial jobs right from their childhood for earning their livelihood. And in this chaos, education goes for a toss. These children grow up to illiterate and ignorant adults.

The burden of illiteracy is quite heavy and to give little relief, adult education is now offered. Many adults are shy and refuse to come to adult schools. But at the same time, there are many adult men and women who have come forward and started learning things at school. Education removes illiteracy and ignorance and shows one path of light. One develops understanding of things. One learns the difference between right and wrong. One can fight against exploitation and un-justifications strongly.

Age is no barrier in attaining education and literacy. There are adult education centers and special schools which are run only for adults. Along with theoretical knowledge, many of the centers also offer vocational training courses to adults so that they can get some employment opportunities. Making one independent and self-sufficient is also one of the goals of adult education. With emphasis on adult education, another aspect is being taken care of as well. The future generation will not be born to illiterate parents. Since the parents are educated, they will make sure that the child gets proper education at the right time.

The efforts for adult education are sure to bring in great success for the nation in near future.

By Maanasi