Speech on Importance of Study

Speech on Importance of Study

A very warm good morning to everyone here. I am standing here to deliver a speech on the importance of study.

To start, the first and fundamental thing that comes up is what we mean by study? And what is its importance? In common parlance, by studying we mean to gain knowledge or by studying we mean to look into details of something. When we gain knowledge or learn something, it is generally from some past experience ā€“ which can be our own or from others. However, when we study something minutely, we experimentally research for our own sake. We might find some old facts and observations or we might stumble upon something absolutely new.

Generally when we refer to study, we mean study at school or some educational institute. When a child starts going to school, he starts studying from books. This can also be termed as formal education. Various kinds of good habits develop in the child with study. He learns various kinds of skills as well like time management, self-discipline, good manners etc. at school. This is also an important and integral part of study. With study, the student learns new things, which helps him in knowing things better. The knowledge gained from the study can be used in various fields in his life for improving the same. Studying properly helps the student in getting good grades in the class and make a successful career in the future.

Many people think that one can study from books only. It is true that books are an excellent source of knowledge and information. Studying books open up new paths and broaden our horizons explicitly. But along with books, there are many other sources from where one can study. Various kinds of educational programs are broadcasted on the television. Watch them to learn and know important things. Communication with others is also a great way to study. It is always recommended to understand and study and not just cram.

By Maanasi