Essay on Computers and Its Importance in our daily life

Meaning of Computers

A computer is an electronic gadget capable of accepting information in a certain form and carrying out a series of operations according to a predetermined yet variable set of instructions. The instruction (programs) dictate the output (which can be in the form of signals or information) of computer processes. The instructions are either provided by a hardware or
software program. Computers are designed to run applications and output different solutions by combining integrated software and hardware components.

Computers are composed of several components and parts that collectively facilitate user functionality. Its main parts are hardware and software; the former refers to the physical structure that encloses the processor, storage, memory, communication ports as well as peripherals.
Software, on the other hand, includes the OS (operating system) and software applications. A computer uses software programs (instructions) sent to the underlying hardware structure to be processed. They are classified according to the features and capabilities.

Importance of computer in our daily life

  1. Computers make workers efficient and more productive besides enabling them to save time while working in the office.
  2. In learning institutions, computers help students understand better the concepts being taught thanks to video examples.
  3. Kids use the devices on a daily basis to play games, improve their drawing skills and watch funny videos.
  4. Job seekers use computers in their daily lives to improve their skills and in their search for suitable job opportunities.
  5. In institutions of higher learning, the devices help lecturers and researchers carry out their work fast and best present to learners.
  6. They are crucial in several sectors like railways, banking telephone departments, electricity, and shopping carts.
  7. Proprietors use computers on a daily basis to plan and manage teams and for financial management purposes.
  8. Many people use gadgets for entertainment purposes to watch videos, listen to music and doing online jobs.
  9. In the medical sector, computers help doctors not only better diagnose but also treat diseases fast and efficiently.
  10. With a computer with internet connectivity, you can start, run, manage and even grow an online business.
  11. Internet-enabled computers connect people from various parts of the world thus contributing to globalization.
  12. The devices execute calculations, store and process information faster. They also help us process huge sums fast.
  13. Computers are used by financial institutions to deposit money into customer accounts. This process is fast and accurate.
  14. In government offices computers enable workers to work fast thus providing fast services to the citizens.
  15. They facilitate digital communication through email which allows you to send information to anyone in the world in seconds.
  16. Through social networking sites, computers give people a way to interact, socialize and generally remain connected.
  17. At home, computers are used to take online classes, establish online affiliate businesses and to communicate with others.
  18. The device, when connected to the internet, facilitate digital; advertising, online marketing, and brand creation.
  19. Accounting that does not use the electronic device is prone to grave human error. Modern accounting software requires the use of computers.
  20. Computers provide quick and reliable electronic receipts in huge retail stores and various other businesses.


In the current world, when you have a computer especially one that is connected to the internet you can do virtually everything within the comfort of your sofa. You can order supplies, establish an online business and interact with loved ones located miles away, just to mention a few. It also helps learning institutions, government offices and private businesses immensely.

By: Joni Kim