Essay on Overpopulation

Overpopulation – Essay

The world’s population is growing at a high rate as time moves pass by. Different places are increasing their population rapidly. It is no secret that the population is growing rapidly currently. What is Overpopulation? Overpopulation is a situation where the population of species exides the Earth’s carrying capacity. This condition occurs when the ecological footprint of humans in a specific location exceeds it’s carrying capacity. Overpopulation can be regarding plants, humans, and animals.

What causes Overpopulation

Overpopulation is as a result of various reasons. These reasons include, low mortality rate, increase in fertility rate among humans, immigration increase, depletion of resources and unsustainable biome. All these reasons contribute to Overpopulation in the world. Overpopulation has its negative effects. Read through this essay to find out.

Negative Effects of Overpopulation

Exhaustion of natural resources. Our planet earth has a limited capacity of generating natural resources. Increase in the population increases the demand for natural resources which is higher than the capability of the earth to produce.

Overpopulation is the main cause of poverty in a nation. When people are many in a country, there is a rise in poverty levels.

It causes high rates of unemployment in the world. Countries with so many people cause a high rate of unemployment since job opportunities are limited.

Overpopulation leads to lower standards of living. That is the people are so many, and hence people face low standards of living.

When a country is faced with Overpopulation, it suffers from inadequate facilities such as housing facilities or medical facilities.

There is an increased demand for available resources. That is, high population causes a high demand for the available resources in a country.

Dirty and unhealthy surroundings. With a high population, many activities are happening in the world, and human waste tends to accumulate at a high rate.

There is unequal education. Overpopulation can cause the country not to be able to provide the best services when it comes to education because of the huge population.

It causes pollution. Overpopulation causes a high rate of pollution.

It leads to deforestation. People tend to cut forests so that they can create space for people to settle in. Deforestation becomes a part of the nation to meet the huge population’s demands.

It causes food shortages. With the many people available in the country, it is difficult to guarantee that there is adequate food for everyone.

Environmental degradation, this is as a result of depletion of natural resources.

Overpopulation causes lower life expectancy among the people.


Overpopulation is one of the crises that are affecting many continents in the world aside from climate change. Despite that, a few words are said about how to control Overpopulation. If things don’t change, the hope of a better society is dimmed. From the essay above, it is clear that Overpopulation is an enmity of success in our daily living.

By Maureen