Speech on illiteracy

Speech on illiteracy

Hello and warm good morning to all. My topic of speech for the day is illiteracy.

All of us have heard of the term ‘illiteracy’ innumerable times in our life. We all know that illiteracy is one of the biggest vices, which leads to many other kinds of problems. Eradication of illiteracy is necessary not only for an individual, but also for the society as a whole.

Illiteracy is the inability of an individual to read and write. A person who knows to read and write and sign his own name is considered to be literate in our country. Sadly, quite a huge part of the Indian population is illiterate till date. And this is one of the biggest hurdles for economic development in the nation.

Illiteracy and ignorance go hand in hand with one another. An illiterate person does not have basic knowledge on things, which are so very important in life. This leads them to remain in darkness. If you take note and carefully observe, you will see that illiterate people are easily duped and cheated by fraudsters. The imposters trick these illiterate people and make them understand things in a wrong way. Due to the lack of knowledge and understanding, the illiterate people fall prey to the trap and are wronged. Many such people have lost their lands and properties to imposters. They only came to realize of the loss, when the harm was done and nothing else could be done to damage the repairs.

One of the biggest challenges in our country is to combat illiteracy completely. Various kinds of steps have been taken by the government, non-government agencies, and non-profit organizations and so on to bring literacy to every corner of the country. Each boy and girl should be provided education. This will not only make a strong individual, but will make the backbone of the society strong and bold.

Eradicating illiteracy completely from a country like ours is an uphill task, but efforts are being made strongly in the field.

By Maanasi