Essay on Neighborhood

Essay on Neighborhood

Neighborhood is one of the most complicated topics, I know because of the many available definitions of what neighborhood is. To get vivid details of what neighborhood is, this essay will look at this field in different angles.

What is a neighborhood? In the geographical form, a neighborhood is a community or district within a city or town or a localized community within an area, town or city. When it comes to the social form, a neighborhood is a social community with a great considerable one on one interaction among its members. In other words, it is a personal setting where people have common values, maintain a great social life and where youth socialize.

As much as a neighborhood is important, there is a bad and good neighborhood. These conditions solely depend on the people in your area, the social ties and how responsible are the men and women in your neighborhood.   This article will put into details all the necessary information about the neighborhood. Read on for maximum knowledge.

Types of Neighborhood

  • They are multiple types of neighborhood. How we define them depends on where you live, who are your neighbors and how you interact with them. The types include
  • Urban core: this neighborhood is located in towns. That is every single community living downtown qualifies to be an urban core neighborhood. Their housing is also the decent and perfect place to call home.
  • Urban pioneer neighborhood: these are neighborhood almost similar to the urban core. What makes them different is the way they adopt the rural style. The apartments and houses have gardens and playing fields for kids. They are found in the towns but pretty resembles the rural make up.
  • New Urban: these are neighborhoods found near a business hub that may be an educational institution, a company or organization. With the infrastructure development, this neighborhood qualifies to be a new urban.
  • The historic neighborhood: this is a more of a modern neighborhood with single houses that host a lot of historical art in them. In most cases, it is found in areas where royal families reside.
  • The active neighborhood: it is also called the resort neighborhood. It hosts single houses either in coastal areas or desserts. In most cases, the neighbors are very active where it comes to socialization and the way they relate.


As much as we call our place home, it is important to settle in the perfect home depending on your current lifestyle. This will helps you treat the place as home. Otherwise, your place will be as strange as possible no matter what. From the various types of Neighborhood, I am sure you can settle for the ultimate neighborhood.

By Maureen