Essay on Rose Flower

Rose Flower

Do you like roses? Do you look forward to getting fresh roses and embracing their profound beauty? For many years, roses have been a symbol of love, friendship, and happiness. While some view roses as the perfect gift for saying “I’m sorry,” others have embraced the sadness of roses at funerals and wakes. A prickly bush or shrub bearing red, yellow, or pink flowers, roses have become a classic favorite flower for many people around the world.

Whether you are buying a rose to show love and appreciation for the love of your life or buying a rose for your mom, presenting these flowers to that special someone represents something meaningful to anyone who receives them. However, showing appreciation and love isn’t the only meaning behind a rose.

Meaning of a Rose

For many receiving a rose may say “I Love You,” but there are also other meanings in the colors and reasons why people receive roses. Some of these meanings include:

  • Red Rose – The classic red rose has become a way that many have shown affection to their loved ones. With it being a way to say, “I Love You,” the red rose is a symbol of love and romance. It has also become known as a symbol of perfection. If you decide to give a dark red rose to someone, then you are recognizing an undeniable unconscious beauty.
  • Lavender – Giving a lavender rose is a more unique and beautiful way of saying, “I Love You,” and this rose is good to give to others if you are hoping to build a stronger bond with a person.
  • Salmon Rose – With the salmon-colored rose being a pinker shade of orange, this rose is not only unique in color, but also in the meaning behind it. Expressing excitement and desire, if you give this color rose to someone, you are saying that your desire for them is very strong.
  • Yellow Rose – A yellow rose has many different meanings and usually gives people a warm feeling of happiness. If you are wanting to show appreciation in the friendship and joy you share with someone, then a yellow rose would be the rose you would give to that person. Cheerfulness is also another meaning that is represented with this rose when giving it to someone.

More Rose Color Meanings

  • White Rose – Many may see the color white as innocence, but white roses have been known to be used in weddings. In celebrations like this, a white rose can likely mean new beginnings or memories. This rose can be given to someone to make them remember good times or get ready for a new beginning in their life. Either way, you will find graciousness if you give this rose to someone.
  • Green Rose – Another symbol of cheerfulness, a green rose is a celebrator of the abundance of living. Giving this rose to someone says that you appreciate their constant rejuvenation of life and spirit. Green is a color that represents life.
  • Peach Rose – If you need to say “Thank You,” then giving someone peach-colored roses will do just that. Giving someone this color of rose also shows the person you are giving them to, how much you appreciate them.


Even though roses are admired because of their beauty, they express and say the things to others that need to be said. If you are wanting to say “I’m sorry,” then giving someone red roses will always do it. If you are really wanting to show your appreciation to a loved one, then the adoring peach roses will be what you would give your loved one. Roses have been the best way to express every kind of loving emotion for years. Many may love the classic red rose, but the color of love and appreciation can be given in any color.

By Leatra