Speech on Each One Teach One

Speech on Each One Teach One

Hello everyone. Today I would like to give a speech on the topic ‘each one teach one’. I am sure many of you will have already heard the term. The meaning of the phrase is quite clear, but we often don’t understand the real meaning of it.

To understand the actual meaning of the phrase ‘each one teach one’, one has to understand the history associated with the phrase. This is actually an African-American proverb.

Today this phrase has gained international importance as it points towards a duty that people have towards society. The educated class has social and moral responsibility to teach minimum one illiterate person each. One small step is bound to make a great difference to the society at large. If every literate person teaches just one illiterate person, in no time the problem of illiteracy will be wiped from the surface of the earth.

It is true that various kinds of government policies and plans are being made and implemented for spreading education to all. Moreover, various agencies and non-profit organizations are also involved in the cause. But to make ‘each one teach one’ successful, individual contribution from students, homemakers, professionals and from everyone is needed. The practice can be started at home and then can be taken to bigger levels. This step is indeed worth taking!

By Maanasi