Speech on Fire Safety in Schools

Speech on Fire Safety in Schools

Good morning everybody. I am standing on the podium today to speak on the topic ‘fire safety in schools’.

Proper provision for fire safety amenities will not only ensure safety of the kids studying in the school, but also be a safeguard for the property of the school.

Fire safety in schools is kind of mandatory and there should not be any kind of compromise with the same. School is a place where large numbers of students gather together and an incident like fire will affect all of them. Depending on the severity of the fire, there can be cases of casualties as well, which is not desired in any way. A fire breakout in school is difficult to control normally because there are different kinds of inflammable materials. The furniture in school – tables, chairs, desks, etc. are made of wood and catch fire easily. Moreover, there are many inflammable chemicals present in the chemistry lab, which can make situations worse. If the school has a canteen, there will be use of gas for cooking, etc. and is a vulnerable area for fire as well.

Fire safety is of great importance in school. Every floor of the school should have fire extinguishers, which are in working condition. Children should be taught to operate these in case there is an emergency. There should be sand banks so that they can be used when needed. Teachers, non-teaching staff and others should be informed on operations of the fire extinguisher. The message of this speech in short is – Prevention is better and fire safety is one way to ensure it.

By Maanasi