Essay on Importance of National Festivals

A festival is an occasion celebrated by a group of people as a ritual or characteristic aspect and its cultures and religion. This event is recognized locally or nationwide.

Therefore, a National Festival is a historic event that is celebrated all over the country. The day is marked special in a calendar and set as a public holiday. Some national festivals in India include Republic Day, the Independence Day, and Gandhi Jayanti.

Everyone deserves to be happy in life and thus the importance of social interaction. This helps in learning of new skills, language, and understand other cultures.

Let’s look at some of the benefits we get from national festivals.

Importance of National Festivals

  • National festivals help us to conserve our cultures, roots, origin, and values. People preserve the country’s heritage when they realize that it is valuable.
  • National festivals bring people together all over the country to observe a common historical or cultural day.
  • They also make people forget the struggles, insecurity, and chaos they face in life and have better hopes.
  • Independence Day reminds us of the determination made in the past and therefore celebrate the fruits of freedom.
  • They also help to record a culture in a way that is not documented.
  • By observing how celebrations were done in the past, these festivals can be used to tell a tale of those changes.
  • National festivals mark important events that are worth observing by the citizens.
  • They encourage us to focus on the positive things in life and temporarily forget the difficulties we face every day.
  • They help us balance our emotions as well as relieve stress from our minds.
  • Festivals aid in nation-building by bringing people together irrespective of their social, economic and religious background.
  • They help us to meet our relatives and estranged friends and celebrate.
  • National festivals assist us to remember and appreciate our history.
  • When festivals arrive, many people earn income. This is by selling flowers and other decoration materials that are in high demand.
  • On major national festivals, leaders give speeches to the citizens as they mark the importance of the day.
  • Festivals bring entertainment to citizens, leaders, and children in the country. They are marked with traditional dancing and other performances.
  • They also break boredom and monotony we face in our daily work. Most workers do not go to jobs during national festivals in order to have fun with family and friends.
  • National festivals are highly observed and everyone looks forward to the next This has happened and will continue to take place in future generations.
  • They bring cleanliness in many places. Many people engage in thorough cleaning during festive times.
  • Finally, they make people spend heavily and give them time to eat a variety of foods that would be have been wasted.


National festivals mark important times in the history of the country. They help people to remember how far they have come from and therefore the need to celebrate. Festivals have a lot of significance as discussed above. These benefits range from social to economic ones e,.g. meeting old friends, families, leisure, and market atmospheres. Every national festival is vital to our lives and should be observed by all citizens.

By Winnie