Speech on First Day of School

Speech on First Day of School

Good morning to everyone present here. I will be speaking few words on a very interesting topic ‘first day of school’.

The mere mention of this topic brings back a flood of memories to all of us for sure. There is a ‘first’ for all events in our lives and first day of school definitely takes an important position in the same. Well, the experience might not be the same for everybody, but there are definite memories engraved in the mind of each and every individual regarding this one day.

Nowadays, children go to playschools much before they go to real schools and hence their experience might not be the same. There was a time when kids were taught basics at home before they got admitted at a formal school by the age of 4-5 years. I would like to speak on such lines here. Once the admission in school is confirmed, it is time to begin preparations for the very first day of school. More than the child, the parents seem to be nervous and jittery. They have various kinds of confusions and doubts in their minds whether the child will be able to cope up with school and staying away from home and hundred other important and unimportant things.

The morning of the first day of school is special as well. The child gets ready for entering a new phase in his life. For some kids, both parents take him to school on the first day as no-one wants to miss this experience. While some kids are happy, some are scared and tensed. Some are seen smiling, while some don’t stop crying. The scenario at the school is amazing. Some kids willingly go inside the school guided by seniors and teachers; while others go wailing and shouting as if being punished. The first day of school is usually for a brief period. When the child comes out from school on this day, he has already made a memory to be cherished for lifelong!

By Maanasi