Speech on Importance of Grandparents

Speech on Importance of Grandparents

Good morning to all the guests, who are present here, on this bright morning. I have been asked to deliver a speech on the importance of grandparents.

Children who have the company and blessings of their grandparents are truly lucky. A child will naturally have paternal as well as maternal grandparents. The relationship that grandparents share with their grandchildren is a special one. Grandparents are like a huge shady tree, which protect the grandchildren from all kinds of harsh elements. They envelop the grandchildren with their love, care and affection. There are many a times when parents are not able to deal with a problem with their children. But grandparents have been able to handle the problem well and even brought a suitable solution for their grandchildren.

Apart from the unconditional love and affection that grandparents bestow on their grandchildren, there are many other things that are worth learning from the senior citizens. There is no doubt about the fact that grandparents have seen a lot of the world and have gained a lot of experience. They can study situations and understand what best can be done in the same. Their problem solving abilities are also great.

Grandparents can teach their grandchildren important values of life, which will help them in growing into better individuals. These values do not need to be taught to them, they are told through stories and fables and children will learn on their own. Most importantly, such values are never forgotten in life. Many grandparents who live with their grandchildren help them with their studies and project works as well. Grandparents might need to update themselves regarding studies, which they do happily for their grandchildren.

In urban areas in majority of families both the parents go out for work. Children who live their grandparents are taken care of well along with learning something new every day. Grandparents see themselves through their grandchildren and hence this special bond. In many places we have seen that kids are closer to their grandparents than their own parents.

By Maanasi