Speech on Global Warming

Speech on Global Warming

Very good morning to everyone present here. I will be speaking on one of the most glaring problems that the world is facing today – global warming.

Global warming is a perturbing environmental issue, which is plaguing the world and the effects of the same are seen quite strongly in every sphere of life. All the countries of the world are contributing to the cause of global warming and as a result all of them are facing the impact of the same as well. The average temperature of the world is increasing with each passing decades. Though the amount of increase might seem to be a small figure initially, but when its impact is understood on global levels, it turns to be mammoth.

We have to understand what causes global warming. Majority of global warming is attributed to greenhouse effect. Various kinds of gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluoro carbon etc. trap the heat of the sun and does not let it exit. This increases the temperature of the earth. The greenhouse gases are emitted from various man-made sources and should be controlled. It is estimated that by the year 2050, the temperature of the earth will increase by 4-5 degrees.

The effects of global warming are dangerous. With rise in temperatures, the glaciers will start melting, thus increasing the levels of seas and oceans. Low land and coastal areas will be submerged. Many species of flora and fauna are not being able to withstand the change in temperature and suffering and even perishing. Forest fires are becoming a common thing and so are other natural disasters. Marine life is also under grave threat due to global warming.

Global warming is also impacting human beings. People are suffering from various kinds of diseases. Agricultural crops are affected. Lots of research is being done as how to minimize global warming. Worldwide conferences and seminars are hosted to discuss about this matter and how to deal with the consequences of the same.

By Maanasi