Speech on Good Manners – 2 Speeches

Good Manners – Speech 1

Hello and a warm welcome to all who are present here. I am here today to say a few lines on good manners.

Right from our childhood we have been told to learn good manners and implement the same in our lives. The lesson of good manners is first taught at home and then at school. A person who has good manners is looked upon with respect and dignity. It has been seen in many cases that a person is extremely well dressed and has great looks but lacks basic manners. It is obvious that without proper manners, the person loses all the respect. On the contrary, many people just get noticed for their good manners, irrespective of their simple attire or an ordinary appearance.

Good manners get inculcated in an individual right in the childhood. However, people tend to forget these manners in their busy and hectic schedule. But, the ones who know the real value of good manners will never forget them and disrespect them. They will follow them in the toughest of situations and hardest of conditions. It would not be wrong to say that the society today lacks good mannered people and hence many issues start cropping up.

A person who has good manners reflects many important things. Manners are direct reflections of the kind of family he belongs to. They also show about the upbringing of the individual. A person who is soft spoken and courteous has learnt the qualities ever since his childhood as these cannot be suddenly developed. Helping people, assisting old people, reaching out for helping others, greeting others respectfully are some manners, which are highly appreciable.

Education also plays a major role in making one learn good manners. Teachers at school help students to learn good manners and implement the same in their lives. Good manners are best understood at social gatherings and events, where one comes across different kinds of people. Interaction with unknown people is the best place to judge good manners.

By Maanasi

Good Manners – Speech 2

Good morning to all the distinguished guests present here. Today I would like to say a few words on good manners for students.

‘Manners maketh man’ is a very popular saying, which is true from all aspects. Good manners are something that define us; something that make us admirable not only at home but also in social life. Knowing and understanding the importance of good manners in life, kids are taught the same right from their childhood. They are taught to respect and honor elders and love people of their own age. They are taught to be polite and courteous and not argue or fight unjustly. When a child receives something, he is taught to say thank you and if he makes a mistake, he is taught to say sorry. It is the duty of parents to teach the kid these basic good manners.

The next step of good manners is learnt at school when the child is with many other children and interacts with them. It is the duty of the teacher to teach children about sharing, which is again a very important good manner. Kids should also be taught about helping one another. The three most important words which are associated with good manners for students are “Thank You”, “Sorry” and “Please”. These are magical words, simple to say but with great impact and importance.

There are also social good manners, which one needs to learn to live in society. These are also referred to as etiquettes in many places. For instance, one must offer a seat to an elderly person if there is no other seat. When one coughs or sneezes in a public place, one must place a handkerchief on one’s mouth or at least cover the mouth with a hand. Also, one must wait for one’s turn to speak when in a social place. Interfering in other’s talks is utter bad manners.

Good manners for students help in their personal growth and development and make them better individuals.

By Maanasi