Speech on Importance of Exercise

Speech on Importance of Exercise

Good day to all who are present here. Today I will be speaking a few words on the importance of exercise in our lives.

Right from our childhood we have been taught that health is wealth. Until and unless we have sound health, we cannot do anything properly. And to maintain proper health, exercise plays an important role. Exercise is any kind of physical activity, which helps in achieving healthy mind and body. It is quite saddening to note that lack of exercise and physical movements leads to various kinds of ailments in the human body. Including few minutes of exercise in the daily regimen is therefore very important so that you have a healthy mind and body.

The benefits of exercise are innumerable and it is applicable for people in all age groups. Even children nowadays suffer from various kinds of health issues for the poor lifestyle and bad eating habits that they follow. It is very important that children follow some kinds of exercises daily as this will help in warding off the ill effects of the lifestyle to quite an extent.

For adults, most of them nowadays have sedentary jobs. They travel to their office in some kind of vehicle, sit in front of the computer whole day working and get back home in evening. There is practically no physical movement or any kind of physical strain that the person undertakes. Therefore, it has become mandatory that adults include 30 minutes of exercise in their routine. The exercise can be done any time of the day – in the morning before going to office or in the evening after coming back from office. If nothing, one should at least walk for about 20-30 minutes daily. Slow walking will also do, if you cannot walk fast.

There are many people who take exercise seriously and follow instructions of trainer for the same. With regular exercising, overall development of personality takes place – physically as well as mentally.

By Maanasi