Essay on Honesty and Its Importance


It has been rightly said that “Honesty is the best policy.” We often use this phrase, but seldom understand the meaning of it. What is honesty? Why is it important to be honest? What will I get out of honesty? Perhaps, these questions are always there in our minds running continuously. One should find out the answers to these questions lest it would be too late to regret in doing so.

Honesty, in simple terms, means truthfulness. This is what our elders have taught us. Right? We have always been taught to be honest, but to whom? Why? What for?

One must be honest first to himself and then with the people around him. A person should be honest for the sake of his own happiness and not to impress others. Being honest is not tough instead it’s courageous. The reason why we are taught the lessons of honesty right from our childhood is that this would help us to imbibe the principles of honesty in our character.

Importance of Honesty

  • Dignity and Being Truthful

Honesty is in doing small things with the utmost dignity and truthfulness. Lying for unnecessary and small things is really not cool.

  • Honesty always attracts Honesty

When a person lies, he not only deceives the other person but also himself. One lie ends up in becoming a complete chain of lies which gives your life a dramatic turn, and suddenly everybody leaves you in the middle of nowhere. The easiest job is to lie to somebody, it needs nothing but a deceiving intention but telling the truth needs courage. One needs to muster up the strength to face the truth.

  • Circle of Love and Care when one is honest

Friends made with complete honesty, and good intention tends to stick around with you for a longer period of time. You get everybody’s support if you are honest.

  • Keeping Relationships healthy

Dishonest people do not have a healthy relationship, and their connections are always strained and stressful. Honesty plays its part in making a bond stronger.

  • Peaceful mind at the end

Honesty ensures that at the end of the day your mind has the peace which it has always craved for. A dishonest person is always stressed and worried about his lies getting caught.

  • Authenticity while being honest

Your image largely depends on the level of honesty or dishonesty you show in from of people. An honest person is loved and respected by people in his surroundings. Your goodwill increases if you are honest with people about your feelings, views, and thoughts.

  • All Religions, One Principle- Honesty

All the religions of the world teach us to be honest with oneself and then with his surroundings. Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Islam, be it any religion, it promotes honesty and disregards dishonesty.

  • Connection to the Divine

Honest people are more connected to the divine as compared to dishonest people. They get more closure from divine sources. For they do good deeds by not making people live in false hopes. They tell them the truth on their face, and that makes them a better person.

  • Honesty in one’s relationships and during money matters

Practicing honesty in your relationships and in money matters is always good for you and your colleagues. One should refrain from doing dishonest deeds in business matters.


Being honest is not the final destination, it’s a process, and one should maintain and continue throughout their life. The aim of your life must be that no one should talk bad about you behind your back. They should always praise you for your honesty and courage. Because as they say in English, A lie may take care of your present, but it has no future. Honesty can only make your future bright.

So, I hope, now you understand the importance of honesty.

Be honest and Stay happy. Cheers!!

By Venu