Essay on Importance of Female Education

Importance of Female Education

It has been rightly said that “When one invest in a girl’s education, she becomes strong enough to feed herself, her children, her community and her nation.”

It is the right of every individual to get an education without considering the gender.

When girls are educated, they will become responsible mothers who would understand what to give their children and when to give. Lack of health education limits the required amount of nutrition the children should be provided for proper growth.

If the mothers are educated, they would have all the required information, guidance and other details one should have to take proper care during pregnancy. Educated mothers would also help other females during the same phase.

When women would be educated, they would also help their families by working with equal rights and other economic activities. The earning power would increase which would reduce other reasons of poverty like clothing, food, education to families, etc. This would slowly reduce the nation’s poverty.

Some other points that would indicate the importance of female education include potential income, smaller families, and much more. Educating the daughters would also be beneficial for them, as they could have equal status with men in the society.