Essay on Importance of Good Health

In this essay, we’d be discussing various reasons why health is so important and one should not compromise on their health at any cost. Check the reasons out!

  • A healthy person seems refreshed all the time. Exercising daily helps you get the natural glow on your face. No product can give you that, bet on that.
  • The harmony of body and mind is a must to function properly. Your health can boost up your confidence.
  • Good Health is essential for oneself as it can result in more productivity. This is especially more productive for the companies where the workers and laborers are working.
  • A healthy body will obviously require less medical assistance cutting off all the unnecessary expenses on medicines. Eating clean food is better than eating medicines, any day.
  • Consuming the foods rich in proteins and calcium keeps one’s bones stronger. This keeps your health good and makes your strong enough.
  • Exercising daily makes you more energetic and productive in the office. An unfit man would be lethargic and will produce lesser than the one who is healthy.
  • Cutting off all the junk from your diet and relying mostly on home-made food can save your pockets from getting empty and you can use that money to buy some more important stuff.
  • Regular exercising helps you get a better sleep.
  • A one-hour workout session will ooze out all your stress and tension of the day. Exercise seems to be one of the best ways of stress management.
  • A regular workout or exercise session makes the body fit and strong. Jogging or running helps in strengthening the respiratory system, digestive system, and cardiovascular muscles too. Not only this, it helps avoiding major health risks such as Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, and Diabetes.


Indeed, “health is wealth,” but not much people take care of this ultimate wealth and they don’t understand the importance of health. Young people of our country seldom take their health seriously. Owing to their laziness, these people have to go through a lot. It’s high time we should consider our health and prioritize it before anything else.

By Venu