Essay on Prayers and its Importance


It is rightly said that “Prayers are the essential conversations we do every day. We must always take it to God before taking it to anyone else.”

What do you do when you are sad, depressed, or are confused with which path to select in life? Do you remember God, and reveal your feelings in the form of prayers? Yes, prayers hold a vital role in nearly everyone’s life. Whether the situation is something good or bad, prayers have always been the best communication of life with the eternal. For some, it is a way to thank for what they have, while for some, it is a way to ask for help. No matter whatever reason you pray with, prayers are quite essential in everyone’s life.

But do you still need a reason to pray? Here are some reasons that would help you out highlighting its importance:

Brings you near to God

How do you know anyone when you meet them? By talking and spending time with them, right? The similar theory applies here too. With the help of prayers, you can get close to God slowly and easily. Prayers are the best time one spends with God for interaction. The more you would interact with God, the more you would know him and get connected to him. The conversations would bring you closer to him and would provide you with all the solutions to your questions.

For peace of mind

Have you ever tried praying to God when you are in any kind of stress? If not, try it for once. Prayers help you with peace of mind and help you in focusing on the work you carry out. It provides your mind with stability and helps you in performing well in your next task after prayers. While praying, you stable your mind in the conversation with God. And this stability helps in improving your focus with peace of mind.

Helps in development of respect and love for God

As you worship on a daily basis, you develop a different relationship with God. This relationship helps in the enhancement of love and respect for the God you are praying. Prayers help in creating awareness that God is going to work on everything related with you and would help in working on everything through him. This helps in increasing love and respect for God. The more you know him, the more you would love and respect him.

Helps in increasing the confidence level

Do you lack confidence while completing or even attempting any kind of important task? Prayers can help you out in getting required confidence for completing and gaining success in the task. As mentioned above, prayers bring stability of mind to you and help in focusing on the work. When the mind is stable and is at peace, you are sure to gain the confidence required not only to complete the task but succeed in what you are doing effectively.

Increases your spiritual levels

As you worship God daily, it would help in increasing your spiritual levels. Various people perform their daily rituals and other important rituals which helps them in increasing their knowledge regarding God, different rituals, rites, etc. As you gain more and more knowledge about different rituals, it increases your skills and also your spiritual levels that would enhance you from gross to net level. The prayers are performed on mental levels, but at times, the results are obtained in mental, physical as well as spiritual levels too. So, pray daily for boosting spirituality.

Brings positive vibes to your surrounding

Prayers help in fighting against the negative vibes and bring you a positive environment to live in. It fades the darkness in your life and brings you to light that helps in fighting against every injustice.


Nevertheless, apart from all the benefits mentioned above, prayers are said to be the best way to deal with anger, and also protects you from the evil and any breakthroughs of your life. One must understand the importance of prayers and deal with it getting success in his/her life.

By Venu