Outdoor Games: Essay on Importance of Outdoor Games

Importance of Outdoor Games

Gone are the days when children were found screaming, enjoying, teasing each other, fighting, and playing around in the streets, grounds or compounds. The increased technology has limited their playing area in houses as they remain engaged in video games, mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc., for spending their time which they should spend on the grounds.

Of course, it has! As the kids have stopped moving for outdoor games, it has made them lazier leading to health issues like obesity too. They also lack physical exercise, self-confidence, muscle strength, coordination, and much more.

What do you think? Why are outdoor games important for the kids?

Here are some reasons that would increase the requirement of outdoor games for the kids.

  • Increases learning opportunities

Did you know, when a kid plays outside, the chances of learning new abilities increases! While playing on the grounds, they would learn new and vital skills and life lessons. They would also learn how to deal with their problems on their own, get explored to nature, get new information on different things and concepts, learn the basics of science, etc. Again, play and learn is a concept that would help in effective learning.

  • Aids in physical development

Playing various games outdoor would help the kids in developing physically healthy and fit. The games not only increase their stamina levels but also aid in strengthening the bones and muscles, reduce the chances of health issues like heart issues, diabetes, obesity, etc., promoting healthy immunity. Getting into a fresh environment would also reduce the chances of deficiency of required nutrients that they can get by playing in the open air like Vitamin D.

  • Increases creativity

Just allow your kids out in the open air, and they would come up with new stories every day. Indulging in the activities and different plays outside with nature would give them creative ideas and would enhance their imagination thoughts giving them an artistic start. They also feel open to new innovative ways of dealing with different things and situations, which makes them independent too.

  • Develops social skills

When kids are allowed out for playing, they would also develop social skills. They interact with people of the society and make friends who would make them socially active and communicative. This helps in reducing the chances of shyness and fear to develop in them. They would also learn skills like sharing, bargaining, respect, love, etc. This also increases their focus on any particular work.

  • Helps in personality development

Playing out in the grounds would not only develop the kids physically but would also give them an opportunity to build their personality. They learn to be independent and get into different situations by solving problems, dealing with emergencies, etc. They would develop the skills of tackling different situations with ease.

So, now will you push your children to play more outdoor games? Or do you still need more reasons?

By Venu