Speech on Importance of English in Students’ Life

Speech on Importance of English in Students’ Life

Good morning to all respected guests present here. Today I will be delivering a speech on the topic – importance of English in students’ life. This topic is highly debatable and different people will have separate opinions on the same.

As we know and understand, communication is very important in today’s world and it is the primary source of information. And language is the main means of communication. Each country has its official language and in many countries like India, innumerable languages are spoken within the same country in the different states. Among the many languages which are spoken globally, English needs special mention. It is the language spoken in many countries of the world and is the official language of many nations.

Another important thing is to be noted as well. Many of the books are written in English. Internet is also an excellent source from where various kinds of information can be attained. Though now, language settings in internet can be changed to local; the primary language is English.

By Maanasi