Speech on Foundation Day of a School

Speech on Foundation Day of a School

Hello and good morning to everyone present here. Today I have been endowed with the responsibility of speaking on foundation day.

It has been said and believed since long that for any great work to be done, it is important to have the right foundation. It actually forms the platform on which the future stands. This exactly stands true for Foundation Day of school. The Foundation Day of the school is the day from which the institution started its journey. It is therefore obvious that the day is special and needs celebration in due manner. Every year when Foundation Day is celebrated in school, college or any institution for that matter, it is time to reflect on the beginnings that took place and how since the inception changes have come paving the way for success over the years. Foundation Day is also the day when the past, present and future of the institution come together, taking vows to uplift the institute to the greatest possible heights and dimensions.

While saying something on Foundation Day, I should not miss thanking the founders of this great institution, who had a vision of imparting such high quality education to the students. Without their vision and constant support and blessings, this institute would not have become what it is today. Special thanks also go out to the teachers who have been with the institute even since its inception and guided the students in the best way possible in every sphere of their lives. This institution does not only produce highly academically qualified individuals, but people with the overall development and growth. This is what true education is all about.

On our Foundation Day we take a pledge to work earnestly for the growth and development of the institute from all aspects. We seek sincerest blessings and wishes from all our teachers, seniors and well-wishers so that we succeed in our mission. Thanking all of you again on our Foundation Day for making this journey successful.

By Maanasi