Speech on Importance of Time

Speech on Importance of Time

Good morning everybody. Today I will speak on a very important aspect – importance of time.

Various kinds of sayings are said about time. ‘Time and tide wait for none’, ‘Time is like a flowing river; the same waters cannot be touched twice’ etc. are some common examples. Time is probably the most precious and valuable thing we have. Each moment is important in life because once it is gone, it is gone forever. This is the reason all great masters have opined to live in the moment, instead of living in the past or waiting for the future. Respecting and valuing time is what we must all do, because the importance of time cannot be undermined in any manner.

Being punctual and maintaining punctuality is a great lesson learnt. One must always try to implement such learning in their life. A punctual person values the importance of time and it is a great way to live a better life. Real successful people always maintain time and are punctual. Missing time and deadlines might lead one to face various kinds of consequences. Infact one might also be penalized for not being punctual.

The importance and value of time has to be taught to a child right from the beginning. He has to be explained why time is so important and why it should not be wasted in any way. Punctuality has to be practiced right in home and this will become a habit with the child. To teach the child time management skills, a time table should be made at home. Time should be allotted for each and every activity that the child is interested in. There will be no compromise with play time, fun time and hobby time. With such a time table in place, the child will know what should be done when and for how long.

A child who understands the value of time will value the same throughout his life. These lessons of life are never forgotten.

By Maanasi