Essay on Teachers

Everybody needs a mentor in his life. A mentor is a person who can guide you by understanding you from the ground level. Who can make a one-to-one relationship with you, who can assist you in dealing with things, people and moreover who can give you a moral support as per your The teacher just fits in this category. When you need a person to help you with dealing situations, you can seek help from your teacher only.

The most important thing in any body’s life is knowledge. Without knowledge, there is no existence in this world. To gain knowledge, you need a teacher. Some people gain knowledge from the book, so yes the book is also considered as a teacher in a passive way.

Everybody needs a support upon which one can lean on during difficult times. The teacher is also just that supporter who can stand like a rock by your side. Be it any kind of situation a teacher never turns his back on you. For example, the husband is supported by his wife in all ups and downs, so in this case, a wife can also be regarded as a teacher.

A teacher knows his students better. Both good and bad qualities are recognised by a teacher only. So a teacher knows how to create a positive impact in his student’s life so that his positive quality will be boomed and negative will be diminished.

When you face any problem in your life with whom you share? With a friend like a figure, isn’t it? Likewise, when you face such, you just rush to your teacher. Teacher gives solutions to your problems, even if you are in a monetary Just like a friend, a teacher understands your emotional level and makes you feel better.

Teacher does his best and they do have an intense desire to make their students best in their life. Teacher raises his helping hand to get you out from your trouble. So you can say, a teacher acts as a saviour in most difficult times.

A teacher gives you hope to move forward, soothes your soul by his pious words and raises his voice against you when you do some mistakes also. In a way, he helps you to be a better being. This ultimately catalyses your confidence.

Good society is created by good people. So teachers build the foundation of society. In a broad sense, you can say, the teacher has a very active role in building our society.

From grass root level of learning basics to top-level professional, in every step a teacher is there for you to hold your hands and guide you. So if you become a highly professional then that is for the contribution of your teacher.

A teacher can make a simple man to a great leader in this society. Many great leaders also in a certain way become a teacher to guide others to become like them.

Standing in front of you and teach you all the regular subjects, beyond this also a teacher works in your life. You can overcome from your inner darkness with the help of a teacher only. So by paying appropriate respect to your teachers will lead you towards wisdom.

By Venu