Essay on Gardens and their Importance


Just as the forests, similarly, the gardens are essential for the cities. They serve as the safe grounds for the children to play, the senior citizens to spend time with their groups, morning walk grounds for the health-conscious people, and whatnot.

But where are the gardens these days? The natural gardens are now replaced with small mini gardens or say artificial gardens.

Importance of Gardens

Let’s go through some important points that would help in learning about the importance of having gardens in the society or cities.

For increasing environmental awareness

The gardens are important for increasing the environmental awareness among the students which gives them an opportunity to learn and experience the abundant beauty and requirement of nature. They are helpful in learning various concepts regarding flower, plants and different trees that helps them in learning about them as well as how to maintain them. This would also boost them in planting more and more trees and damaging the gardens less.

For increasing the amount of fresh oxygen

Pollution is growing day by day. So to fight against it, trees, gardens, plants, etc., are essential. The more gardens and trees would be established, the more it would be helpful in fighting against pollution. There are various schools and other institutes boosting the plantation of trees, forming new green gardens, etc., which is helping in clearing the pollution in the environment.

For giving the birds and animals some shelter

What if all the trees in the gardens are cut off? Where would the birds go? The trees are the homes for the birds, squirrels and other such domestic animals in the city. The gardens are their homes. Not only the birds and animals but even during summers, the trees prove to be the best shelter for the human beings in the gardens to rest for a while. They also help in controlling the hot and humid atmosphere during the summers.

Promote organic food

Yes, many gardening lovers cultivate small gardens in their courtyards or backyards. This would help in getting organic fruits and vegetables for their homes. This not only helps in getting healthy and chemical free ingredients but also helps in balancing the budget of the house with ease. Through different domestic plants, the people can also keep the environment of the house healthy.

A healthy place for exercising

The gardens are usually the prime place to exercise and jog in the morning. There are various youngsters, elders and even children who are found exercising, doing a workout, walking and jogging in the fresh air of the garden. The fresh air and morning exercises are much important to maintain the healthy lifestyle. This has helped in fighting against many diseases like heart disorders, diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure issues, and many more. Hence, gardens also help in maintaining the health.

Promote Ayurveda and other organic treatments

Many gardens carry out plants, shrubs, and trees that are helpful in one or the other way in Ayurvedic treatments or say organic ingredients for treatments. Today, the world is looking for chemical free products and medicinal ways for treating various medical conditions, and through the gardens, this would be possible. Simply by adding some plants like Neem, Tulsi, Bhringraj, and different essential oils obtained from the plants, it is possible to treat various health issues with ease and maintain the health too.


Gardens are not only a thing of decoration. They not only give the cities a different and elegant look but also help in various other ways. So, will you now also support the growth of gardens by limiting the development of the buildings?

By Venu